5 Of The Best Free Pokémon Games Online

  1. Pokémon Go

Of all Pokémon games, Pokémon Go is one of the simplest to understand and with much fun. It’s all about capturing Pokemon (mythical creatures) using a Pokeball and adding them to your Pokedex. It has several levels each becoming somehow challenging than the previous. You’ll have to use different Pokeball with various throwing strategies for different Pokémon as you level up in the game.

If you’re a beginner at Pokémon, you’ll find a Professor Willow who’ll explain how to play it. You begin by selecting your player and selecting an outfit for him/ her. You start gaining medals by catching different Pokémon and hatching eggs. These medals are an ideal show off of how far you’ve gone and the number of Pokémons you’ve captured.


Upon reaching level 5, you’ll need to capture Pokémon Gyms by combating other Pokémons. On winning, you’ll now be able to collect Pokecoins which will be used to upgrade your game.

  1. Pokémon Rumble World

If you love adventure, that’s what Pokémon Rumble World is all about. It’s thoughtfully crafted, simple, full of fun and unique experience. It’s a kingdom of toys with 719 different Pokémon species. You’ll need to take the role of the King and travel to different lands fighting and collecting various Pokémon. Doing this will increase your chances of advancing your Adventure Rank and unlocking new items and areas.

Pokémon Rumble World uses Poke Diamonds. They are used to buy your Pokémon more life once its health is depleted. The coins will also help you find certain types of Pokémon. These coins can be earned by playing the game and completing certain missions. You can also make an actual purchase from Nintendo eShop using real money. You’re only allowed to buy a maximum of 3,000 coins from Nintendo eShop after which a coin mine forms in the game window. This mine gives you 20 coins to use each day. Additionally, you can gain Poke Diamonds from other players through StreetPass.you can buy a SKY3DS+ to play free Pokémon Rumble World on 3DS.

  1. Pokken Tournament

This free online game is only a few months since it was released to the world and has already won hearts of many who love 3D fighting. It has great graphics and amazing mechanics for Pokémon fans. This is a 2-opponents fighting game where the 2 fight against each other using different Pokemon. Some of the various characters to choose from are Braixen, Gengar, Weavile, Machamp, Charizard and others. It’s easy to understand even for the newbies since it uses console-style controllers.

This game is all about being tactful and taking quick actions. There are several modes through which you can play this game. You may decide to play against the computer. This mode contains 3 difficult levels from which you can select depending on your prowess on fighting games.

Two Pokemon players can also compete against each other. In this mode, one player uses the TV while the other utilizes the Wii U gamepad.

When playing Pokken Tournament online, you can engage in Rank Matches and Friendly Matches as well. Here, you’ll be able to compete against other online players. You compete by trying to get the most number of victories and ranking the highest by having more victories against your opponent.

  1. Pokemon Tower Defense (PTD)

PokemonTower Defense is currently a personal favorite of millions of people around the globe. Its ingenious mechanics have taken fighting games to a whole new level. It requires you to use different Pokemon to defend your tower from attack by enemies. It’s a load of fun carrying more than a hundred exciting levels. You’ll need to be strategic in positioning your Pokemon in particular areas where the enemies pass for successful attacks.

Each level requires certain Pokemon with superior capabilities and attacks. Therefore, you’ll need to fight and win several battles and capture new Pokemon. An interesting feature about PTD is that you can chat with other players online and get help on how to solve difficult levels.

  1. Pokemon Picross

This is a puzzle game with almost 300 puzzles to solve. To deal a puzzle, you’ll have to reveal a Pokemon hidden in it. All the revealed Pokemons are added to your collection and are used to solve higher levels. As you move up, you’ll find the modes more difficult and require advanced training and hard work. As you use the captured Pokemons, they eventually get tired and need to rest and recharge.

You can speed up the reloading process of your tired Pokemons by using Picrites. These are coins also used to reach new levels. You can purchase Picrites from Nintendo eShop or get them as rewards for successfully completing previous levels.

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