American Truck Simulator Game Review and Its Mods

American Truck Simulator also known as ATS is a new vehicle simulation game in the market. It is very famous game because of its very high quality graphics. It is developed by SCS Software. Game has more than 100 maps and different mods that allow consumers to play its own personalized game that they want to play. Here we are going to explore some American Truck Simulator mods for you. Mods of this game make it more attractive because you can download ATS mods and make your game more unique and interesting according to your taste and this feature surely excites you.

American Truck Simulator Game

Tractor-trailer Challenges

American Truck Simulator is actually bringing some sort of wider array of semi-trailer lengths when compared with what we have now in ETS2 currently. The longest variants along with the overall resulting amount of the total tractor-trailer pose an extra challenge regarding navigating small intersections as well as maneuvering at the cargo drop-off points.

Trailer drop-off

Many of us wanted more range, and implement it you might say similar to what can be happening in a real-world situation. Upon arrival for the destination, you are required to stop on the gate’s activation point (just because you already do any time picking cargo within Freight Market). This emulates the particular dialogue the driver would’ve in this situation along with his dispatcher or the gate-keeper to get instructions on the particular spot or bay for unloading.

ATS Weight Stations

Developers of American Truck Simulator mention new ATS game feature named as “weight stations”. Drivers cruising over American highways might occasionally have to visit a weight alongside on the road to confirm if their fill complies with regulations. These weight terminals are concentrated over the highways and may be easily accessed by drivers whenever you want. Please note that Weigh Stations is going to be exclusive to Us Truck Simulator and may not appear throughout Euro Truck Simulator two.

ATS is one of the most awaited games and I hope you enjoy it on its first release. For more updates and news about this game news, rumors, modes etc please get in touch with the founders of game. Also you can follow them on Social media. Your suggestions, views and comments are more than welcome. Thanks for being here with us in video game addiction community.

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