Best Games of 2014 so Far

We have a best games of 2014 and prepared a final list at the end of 2014 . The decade of year is fantastic for the classic games and many new inventions of action , thriller or classical games . Many developers and publishers emphasizes to released these games at the end of this year . We entered more games on this list , later new inventions or when the publishers succeed to get copyrights or further complications we updated our list .

Titan Fall

titan fall


A fighter game , multi players can play , available in 3 D version . Titan Fall is a shooter game , you would kill your enemies by shooter guns . This game contains different levels and you can reached the upper levels by passing the levels in ascending order . The life line is also limited in individual rounds .



This game is a struggling of food , energy . Different hurdles comes when your partner want to reached their post . Sometimes hard temperature trouble , the snow fall in the houses and the nation get ruined . The houses are destroying and explosion comes on the city . These types of task is facing in Banished .

The Banner saga

banner saga


One another interesting game of a year is The Banner Saga . A fight to save our self or the bangs , a game is based on fight or  save important lives . Multitasks should perform in these thrillers .

Broken Age Act I

broken age I

This is consider the best adventure game of this year . Broken Age Act I is a story of two boys which tells the broken age . This story is about the aliens and the boy save these aliens which comes from another world . A boy help them with his partner wolf .

The Broken Age Act I is very tradition culture , a Broken Age tell the story of two worlds . Two boys are the major role of this game . A game is slightly funny , and its genre is adventure.

The Producers were taking more time before its publishing due to failure of budget . The reason behind this many adventure games could not success to entertain the market .

by Daud

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