F1 (Formula 1) 2014 Game Review

F1 2014 also known as Formula 2014 Car racing game released just before some days and got very popular now day because of its different and unique features. Here I am going to publish a small review about this video game to all my video games addicts players. This season of F1 is going to release some slippy cars with amazing designs and uncontrolled speedy vehicles.

F1 formula Game Car 2014 review

 The best thing of game is brand new tracks. Yes, all the tracks are new and completely different with others. They are very near to original video in fact, no one guess it an animation video or real racing tracks. Cards are moving on the road just like any BMW car is running smoothly on the roads. Players are came with helmet and cars are stand in the line before race and race started with full of commentary announcements. Which excite the players during game playing.

In the start of game, You have to sign in to put the record of scores online but you can also play it offline with out sign in into the game. In the first screen you can select modes of race like single player or multi-player, then type of name or nick. Here is a touch type pad to write your name. keep in mind you name will be called in the commentary sound which makes the game near the more real world. Select your region in USA. Go to player section, select your buddy, select helmet styles and colors, then choose your best formula car and go for the new race campaign.

Now I am going to introduce what type of options you should use during race. You can also use handles or keyboard to control the game, Its all depend on your desire. I recommend you to use game-handles to play because it will give you move more comfortable then your ordinary keyboard. So regular control options are :

  1. Accelerate
  2. Brake / Reverse
  3. Steering
  4.  Gear Up / Gear Down
  5. Pause
  6. Flashback

You need to control and try to smooth ways movements, right point with right amount of brakes to win the race. You have to follow other cars without touch corners but complete the all laps in short time as much as possible. laps setting is also available in game setting you can change the number of laps before start the race.

The best thing of this game which I like that it is more real then I expected. I recommend you to watch its trailer, you will be shocked that its not a game its a video of actual race. So have fun and keep playing. Cheers.

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