How To Play Draughts / Checkers Free Without Installing A Software?

On, you will be able to play checkers free and without installing it on your computer or smart device. The best thing is, you don’t even need to fill up lengthy forms just to sign up. Just visit the site and start playing the game instantly.


Checkers is an abstract strategy board game played between two players. When you play checkers with, your opponent will be another online user or player. The game involves diagonal moves of uniform pieces. And then, there are mandatory captures for which you are required to jump over your enemy’s pieces. One player will have light green pieces and the other one will have sky blue. Pieces move diagonally and the pieces of opponent are captured by moving or jumping over them. The playable surface of the checkers consists of squares. It is necessary that a piece should move into an unoccupied surface. So, the game is all about strategic planning because you are required to plan your moves in advance. Your quick reactions will also be tested during the game. Capturing is mandatory and a captured piece is removed from the board. No matter you are playing checkers on draughts checkers game or anywhere else, the player who has no pieces left on the board or the player who can’t move anymore has lost the game. Do you know the strategic know-how to get the crown of checkers King?

How To Play Checkers ?

With, you just enter the username and start playing the game. You should jump over all the pieces of your opponent until and unless there is none of them remaining on the board. You can capture your opponent only by jumping over it and landing on a similar colored square. Similar color means it should be exactly like the one you jumped from. You can move your pieces by clicking on the one that you want to move and then colored cases will show up to represent the squares where you can land that particular piece. Now, click on one of those colored squares and your piece will be right there. When one of your pieces makes it to the opposite end of the board, it becomes a King. After your piece becomes king, it can move backward too. So, keep jumping your opponent’s pieces until and unless none of them remains to play the game against you. So, Are you ready to take up the checkers / draughts challenge with

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