Meet All Your Brochure and Printing Needs in One Spot

Brochures are a great way to advertise and provide quick information about products, services, activities, or to just simply build awareness. They can usually be found in hotels, travel agencies, doctors’ offices and hospitals. A wide range of businesses benefit from brochures, especially those with clients who appreciate hard copies of important information. Finding the right designer and printer can be a challenge when your creative ideas are in the preliminary stages. By taking your concepts to an industry professional, you can get the help you need to transfer ideas into brochure format and have them printed with the latest technology and highest quality equipment.

Nowadays brochures printing is widely used to spread information and details about company products and services to their targeted costumers. They are in different sizes and shapes. Usually they are in A4 standard size and some can be folded up in half A4 size or quarter A4. Other products include binders, organization tools, packaging materials, club flyers and other specialty products like calendars and product launch kits can also be used for offline marketing purposes.



Vinyl – Vinyl binders are known as the traditional style of paper/document protection. They have been around for decades and have evolved into a very long lasting and reliable tool that organizes and keeps things safe and wrinkle-free. Vinyl binders are the most economically friendly type of binder due to their simplicity and inexpensive materials.

Poly – Poly binders are a step above vinyl binders and can last for a very long time. They are proven to withstand very heavy use and can handle the toughest weather abuse without showing any wear. They will not break, bend or crack. There are several styles to choose from and many printing options available.

Casemate – This type of binder is the number one choice for designers and the fashion elite. With several different materials to choose from like fabric, designer paper and leather, these binders have a sophisticated look that attracts interest immediately.

Eco – Environmentally friendly products and initiatives are happening on every corner of North America, and for good reason. The same efforts are being applied to the paper and binder industries. There is a line of binders that are made from one hundred percent recycled material, and once it comes to the end of its life, it can be totally recycled once again. There are many options and colours to choose from, without a compromise in quality.

Other Printing Materials you can Consider with Brouchers

Document Holders – Personalized document protection and organizers.

Calendars – Company personalized calendars with pictures and designs to suit the targeted demographic.

Product Launch Kits – A specialized organization package designed for displaying products and technical information in an efficient effective manner.


Specialty boxes and packaging products are designed and manufactured on an individual basis depending on the customer requirements. From small to large products, there are solutions for all packaging needs. Choose from different materials, textures, and colors.

Club Flyers

Club flyer is another type of post cards but it is completely different from regular post cards. Post cards normally mailed to customers but club flyers are meant to be handed out in markets, streets and in public places to peoples. These are created with high graphics and colors to attract the readers. Normally Club Flyer is used to invite someone for events that have basic information about some festival or upcoming event or sell like timing, location and brand name.

I hope you like these printing materials and utilize them for your business promotion to attract your local consumers and customers at very low cost.

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