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Playing online games every day is a form of an addiction, but for me and for the most of you who are reading this post know that playing online games is an awesome addiction. Especially now days when there are all kind of online games that will caught your attention, but the one that is especially addictive is which is the top growing game in the industry. is a very simple game where you at the star are a cell and the more you eat you get bigger and when you get bigger then you are able to eat the other cells. Playing is very fun, but when you play this game with the features that come with it then the games becomes more interesting to play. Skins are the best features that come with this game and playing with them will make it very harder to grow into the number one cell.


The origins of the skins

As you may know didn’t have the skins feature on the beginning, but somewhere along the way by accident the skins were born. The person who developed this game is from Brazil, so he wanted to openly thank his entire country with adding the Brazil skin, but the same day as he publish the Brazil skin it became an instant hit among the players from Brazil. From that point he got an idea to make a country skin for all of the countries around the world who play and as the skins were a success in Brazil they also became famous in the entire world.

The Brazil Skin

As the world’s first skin on the players from that day until now have used their country skin constantly when they are playing this game. With all that info about the Brazil skin we can surly say that the Brazil skin is one of the most used skins on this game. Also there was a very interesting story about how this skin and this game became popular in Brazil. When they first published this game the elections were happening at the same time and one of the politicians used this game to promote his campaign around Brazil.

The Obama Skin

Barack Obama is the current president of the USA and also one of the most famous presidents that the USA had because of the color of his skin. After the national flags skins the developers got another great idea to put the people skins which include all of the world’s politicians. Just like the national flags skins the politicians became popular among the players not just because the politicians that were from some country, but because they wanted to pump up the adrenalin the people skins offered to the players. When you play with the people skin then by default you have an enemy that will eat you no matter what size are you they will come after you and the only thing to do in this situation is to run from them as much faster as you can.

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