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In order to play multiplayer games online we must host them on a main server where other players will be able to join. This is a public server where anyone can join, a private server is usually locked and require a password in order to join. There are about 100 different hosting companies for PC Games like Battlefield 1, Arma 3, Starbound and Garry’s Mod. Not all of them offer the same games. For example games like Dayz, or Battlefield require powerful hardware in order to operate correctly and is more difficult to find this hosts since are not very popular.

You can search server hosting prices at Nazeboo and find affordable hosts, for every game possible. All of this hosts are shared. That means no need for technical knowledge. Support is offered for free 24/7 and servers are managed by experienced stuff.


They compare up to 70 hosts, they only have listed reliable providers and not unknown and scam hosts. More than 8000 games and host reviews. So would be really wise before you rent your server to pay a visit at This way you will save some money and you’ll really get the best out of your host.

Is not very bright to always go with the cheapest host, remember that we always get what we pay for. Take a close look at the comparison table and try to find a host that the server is close to your location so you reduce the latency. Pick a host with ddos protection, even if is not that important.

Dedicated server is not really the most affordable option since the minimum cost of a dedicated server is about $60 and you really need to be a tech geek. Start with a shared server hosting and you’ll see that is more than you expected to be.

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