Shadowverse Game Review-Best Video Game


If you love animated games, then this game is certainly going to blow your mind. The anime style featured in the game is not ordinary, it’s artistic. You will be surprised to know that each card has a different artwork. You might experience some difficulty getting used to the user interface, but it’s nothing but a matter of time. The more you play, the more you get used to it. On the other hand, if you are no lover of artistic-styled anime games, then it’s better to stay away from it.

Tutorials of the Game

Tutorials of the game are really interesting and teach you lots of basic things about the game. The interesting thing in the tutorials is that you can click on any bold text, and then you will get all the detailed information about that particular thing. Above all, tutorials are important because, initially, you know very little about the game, and if you are given a tutorial, you will be able to explore the game far better.


Initially, the game looks pretty much the same like Hearthstone, but when you play it a bit, you will come to know that it is far more polished than that. Different player classes, as well as different playing styles, are introduced in the game. Different classes are Forestcraft, Dragoncraft, Shadowcraft and many others. Each playing section, as well as each card, has its own techniques and properties, and it is better that you have an overall idea of all the cards before picking up a special category, only then you will be able to choose that class which suits you best.Checkout the tier list for the best characters.

Card Evolution

The best thing about the cards is that they aren’t static; rather you can evolve your cards as you keep on playing the game. This evolution of cards makes the game even more interesting. There are two lines along which you can evolve your cards: the first one is that you can evolve the defensive power, and the second one is that you can evolve the destructive power. Yet, another thing is the customizable building of decks on the basis of customized cards. This is what makes each individual player distinct from all other players. The shirt of this game can be purchased from Forward.

Collection of Cards

The extent to which you can collect cards is very high: you can collect up to 400 cards. This includes a collection of cards from different classes as well as different decks. Each of the cards you collect will have different powers, evolutions, abilities, stats, artworks, and characteristics. The strategic orientations of these cards can be increased even further by playing different modes of the game. You can play voice campaign or a multiplayer game depending on your choice.



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