The Fastest Way To Level In League of Legends

Are you a LOL player? Today I’m going to be teaching you the fastest way to level your account to level 30. If you can’t be bothered with leveling your own account, skip to the bottom where I show you the best place to get a brand new account. On average it takes around 100 hours of game time to hit 30, so I almost always end up just using a bought account.

Game Mode

I’m sure you are all wondering, what is the quickest game mode to level your account. It comes down to speed and win rate. That is why Coop vs Bots is favorable. In Twisted Treeline with friends or with 2 randoms you can easily end the games super fast with a 100% percent win rate. Of course this is really boring. For that reason, I recommend grinding ARAM. (ARAM = All Random All Mid). ARAM is quick, engaging and allows your to have some fun while leveling up. It feels a lot less painstaking then games with bots, and the EXP per hour is very similar.


EXP Boost

This one is obvious. To save time, you should considering buying RP to purchase a long XP boost. If you don’t wish to spend money you can use the early RP bonus towards a 3 day boost. If you go this way, it will take a bit longer and I suggest using the 3 day boost at lvl 20. It is most efficient around that level.

If you go the buying RP route, make sure you double up with the timed and per win XP boost. Not everyone knows that these indeed do stack and you will even more bonus XP.

Buy A Fresh Level 30

Alternatively, you can also try our fresh level 30 League of Legends Accounts. These accounts are leveled in ARAM and Dominion and have have 20,000-50,000 influence points. I personally use these for my own accounts as I hate the grind.

If you have any questions make sure to check out the GetLOLAccount.

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