What are Unblocked Games- Unblocked 77

The importance of Online Video Games

Game is essential for the child, especially among the younger ones. The combination of learning and entertainment is an interesting concept involving the game. The game requires no special skill; it allows the child to learn while having fun. The principle is also valid for children as adolescents. Through game, the child is not under any pressure and plays as he wishes. It is important to note that you should never expect a “result” by making your child play a game. It contributes considerably to motor development in the simplest way possible. It is also a means of developing communication between children and parents.

Education through Games

Education through play, also known as ludo-education is none other than the combination of education and entertainment. The concept aims to educate and socialize the child by integrating lessons into forms of entertainment such as television programs, video games, multimedia programs or music. In any case, it is important that the child does not have the sensation of working while having fun. In constant evolution, this approach is diversified as much as possible by integrating educational content each time. The most used media is none other than the media whose radio, press and the most exploited is the Internet.

Unblocked games


Online games play important role in the children’s education. However, all the online games are not suitable for young games. So proxy servers are used to guide the younger and to provide safe environment. The games accessed by this method are known unblocked games. With the entertainment, these games also broaden your thinking capacity. These games are appropriate for the students as they are free and can be easily accessed online or offline. You just need a media device with stable internet connection to play them. They comes in a large number of categories such as dress up, customize, action games and different others. You can choose according to your choice and start to play. No skill required for newbie.

Famous Popular and Mostly played Unblocked Games

Unblocked games have a large number of categories which can not be explained here. Following are popular unblocked games.

Unblocked games 77

These are best online multitasking skill games. These games are free and can be easily accessed from any gaming website.  Among the flash games, these are best ones.  These are mostly played in schools and colleges because these have both entertainment and educational effects. These have a large number of games including run 3, vex, sprinter, dunkers, hacked, run 2, earn to die. Each level during playing has new and creative task for player. After sometime, it will easily to play even difficult level due to practice and skill.


Unblocked Games 66

These are also famous and most popular games. The unblocked games 66 store has the best games with nice interfaces and interesting tasks to play. These are over 200 games which can be played from school or home. Most of these games are addictive and entertaining for students.

Puzzles games

Puzzles games broaden your mind and best source for entertainment.  They are played at schools because they check your ability to solve the problems. Each game provides a series of steps to solve an interesting problem. If a student can easily solve the puzzle problems, he can also solve real life problems easily. So such puzzle games are beneficial for younger and for educational purposes.


Action Games

Action games give excitement and zeal to the students. Action game player are more active than other and their visual learning ability is also more than others. These improve the hand-eye coordination and make fast the reaction time. So these are valuable for students to make them active and smart



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