What to buy for your kids this school holidays

Hey there parents out there!

It’s the school holidays, exams are over, and your children are dying for that sweet reward they’ve been expecting since they presented you with that A+ in the math test.

Maybe you were considering buying them a new xbox game, but you’re afraid of all the horror stories about game addiction and don’t want them to learn the violent ways of the average xbox game.

Regardless of whether you feel that such games are bad for your child, there is a much better gift they would prefer you get for them.

Introducing the humble Fidget Spinner!

Ever since its introduction into Singapore, this fidget toy has taken schools by storm with endless clanking of spinner on spinner, with students challenging each other in classrooms, corridors, during recess, and of course – after school! Intended to be a focus toy that helps with ADHD and ADD stress relief, these things are not just a healthier addiction but also something which the students really want. And they don’t come cheap!

High Quality, premium fidget Spinner in Singapore are the stuff of dreams. Carved out of brilliant, shiny metals, its no wonder the students can only stare at them through the glass panels they are so often housed behind, with price tags upwards of $80 and many of them way out of reach of even the most habitual saver. But at that price range, they could easily afford another xbox game Рwhat is it about fidget spinners that inspires so much wonder in the kids?


Well, it’s all about the beauty of collecting them. Much like the timeless hobbies of trading card games, plushy collections and many more, spinners have become the next big collectable item amongst students everywhere.

Give your child the best gift today, and get them a high quality, premium fidget spinner that’s bound to make them love you twice over!

Our company spinnerway specializes in high quality, R188 fidget spinners that are made to last. Featuring durability and quality above all competition, we hope that our unique products are able to enhance your child’s fidgeting experience and give them a silent focus toy to play with any time, any day.

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