Xbox Volgarr the Viking Free Game for Gold in November 2014

Are you Xbox or 360 gamer ? I have a great news for you. Yes !. As Sony already giving free games on monthly basis to its subscribed users now Xbox also start offering free Xbox and 30 games to its users. Now in November you have a chance to get free Xbox game called Volgarr the Viking. Its free for XBL Gold members. If you are not a gold member, please check the price in your local region first.

volgarr the viking game for xbox 360

Game Description :

If we talk about this Xbox game “Volgarr the Viking”, It is simple but tough game. High challenges. It comes in the category of actions. You have dare to play the game. It has buckets of blood and hand fights. It is a combination of classic and hand made animation soundtracks. Nothing special in controls, yet another simple game with simple key control options.

When We get this Xbox Game for Free ?

So you are interested ?, This game will be available from 1 November to 15 November in your subscription area to free download. You can also watch its video trailer on YouTube first to see how to play exactly. Note that after 15th of Nov, 2014  users will also get the access of open-world destruction game called as Red Faction: Guerrilla

In some Xbox-es, it also known as “Get Crimson Dragon for free before it’s gone”. The scenes of Volgarr are make as horrible to play in dark nights as you see in the picture above. I hope you like the selection of this month for you.

If want to play this game and don’t have any PS3 or PS4. Wait for some day because black Friday is near and got a big discounts on all PS3 devices. Have fun with winter season and play games. See you in next post.

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